1850 Census Index - Brown County, Illinois

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This transcription was done by Ken and Laurie Huffman from the microfilm. It is not yet complete. The transcription process used is to go through once to collect all the readable information. The second pass verifies the correctness of the transcription and gives focused attention on the areas that were difficult to read. Pass one of the process is completed.

Note also that some columns of information are not provided in this transcription. These columns were left out because no information was contained in them or they do not contain any important genealogical information. There is enough identifying information to locate each individual or family in the original record where all the information is contained.

Another project that needs to be done is to normalize or standardize the spellings of the surnames. Until then, it is recommended that you check all the phonetic spellings of the surnames being searched, ie. Nite, Night, and Knight.

As of 11/30/99, some normalization of spellings has been done but not all. The major changes have been to the links between the index and the pages. The index has been broken up into smaller chunks to enhance loading time. And Finally... a lot of typos have been corrected. There are still a lot of corrections to go.

One thing I noticed is that often the family you are seeking has the surname obscured by the top of the browser window. This may occur only on some browsers. Scan the whole page before giving up. As always, send email if you have problems.

Ken Huffman

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