1880 Census Index - Brown County, Illinois

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This census was transcribed directly from the microfilm (NA #T9-176). It was begun in 1999 by Kelly Townsend. Kelly had to leave the project following a death in the family, and it went mostly untouched for about one and a half years. Laurie Huffman completed the project between June 2001 and June 2002, assisted by me, Ken Huffman, and, briefly, by three of our grandsons, Nicholas, Christopher and Matthew Peterson.

Some of the columns of information are not provided in this transcription. They were left out because no information was contained in them or they do not contain any relevant genealogical information. The identifying numbers for household and family allow you to locate each family on the microfilm, should you choose to read the film yourself for comparison. If you read the microfilm yourself, and find a valid discrepancy, please don't hesitate to inform us. Nothing is ever perfect, and there is always room for improvement.

We have normalized and standardized many surname spellings, making asterisked (*) notes for each change. We recommend that you check all the phonetic spellings for the surnames being searched, ie., Nite, Night, Knight, or Sarat, Serrat, Surratt. Get creative in your searches - check all possibilities. Keep in mind that in 1880, many surnames had not settled into a standardized spelling, and were still in the process of change. If you add to that the varied spelling and writing abilities of the enumerators/copiers, and the strong accents of new immigrants, names could become unrecognizable.

This transcription is different from others, in that we have used earlier censuses, published marriage and burial records and family histories to compare and verify hundreds of unreadable and challenging entries. Other available transcriptions required their transcribers to only enter what they could see, and make no changes or notes, even when they knew an entry was wrong. Their approach is valid in their case because they have no reference resources available as they work. We feel very fortunate to be able to offer a census with so much validating material to support our analysis of the film.

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By Ken Huffman
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