Brown County Permanent Resident Index

Four Simple Steps:

FIRST - Use the clickable alphabet below to locate the names of persons you are seeking. Don't forget to check alternate spellings.
SECOND - Write down each name and ALL the numbers following that name.
THIRD - Choose a lookup volunteer (only send to one person - they have identical data) and write an email to that person listing the names and page numbers you need to have searched - Please, no more than 10 names per request.

FOURTH - Allow 2-3 weeks for a reply. Generally the time is shorter, but volunteers do occasionally take breaks. :o)

Three Important Things:

1 - We cannot change cemetery listings. If you have an alternate date or other differing information, let Ken Huffman know and the information will be posted on the "One Name Research" page, listing you as the source.

2 - If your relatives are not on the list, it doesn't mean they were never in Brown County. If they died there, the burial record may have been lost, or a stone was never placed to mark the grave, or perhaps they were buried in a neighboring county.

3 - Our One Name Research page may already have research request notes on your family names. You might want to check that page before asking for a new search.

Volunteer: Pam Clark

Volunteer: Jan Acker

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